Friday, 12 November 2010

PWC part II, in which the Daily Mail goes from bad to worse

Yesterday's Mail website write-up of the "female PWC interns" story was bad enough, featuring as it did the full photos of all the women involved with no regard to their thoughts or feelings.

Today the hard copy of the paper goes one step further, by putting a name next to each of the women. Note that none of the men involved are named, even though a cursory glance at the email chain would reveal all their identities.

So now the Mail has published private photos of 13 women (the paper cheerily states the photos were ripped from the PWC intranet), confirmed their names and told everyone which city they live in and where they work.

Now they're moving on to travel plans - having got hold of the names, Mail reporter Eleanor Harding has dug out one of the women's Twitter feeds, so the paper can exclusively reveal that she's due to travel to Chicago later this week.

The Mail also gleefully states that one recent Tweet from the woman in question read:
"God I hate my life right now."

Why do you think that might be, Daily Mail?


Joe Scaramanga said...

Utter utter scumbags...

Surely the PCC can get involved in this now.

I can't help wondering, if the photos were taken from the PWC intranet, wouldn't the DM need someone on the inside to supply them to them, possibly for a brown bag filled with fivers?

P. Stable said...

The pictures have been taken from the viral email itself, which orginally sourced them from the intranet.

But I very much doubt that the Mail received permission from PWC to use its staff photos, so at the very least they've breached copyright and I'm pretty sure there's a data protection act offence in there, too.

Anonymous said...

Having been on the receiving end of something a bit like this at College (but not quite thank goodness) I feel terrible for them. I hope one of them, or someone at PWC, will take this to the PCC.