Monday, 8 November 2010

Mail "journalist" knows what's important in a story

On Friday five men were jailed for "grooming" and sexually abusing three schoolgirls. Truly horrific stuff. Here's how the Times reported it:
Jail for sexual predators who preyed on schoolgirls
Five "sexual predators" who ruined the lives of three vulnerable schoolgirls were starting jail sentences of between four and 11 years last night.

Fairly straightforward stuff. But look at how the Mail presents the same story to its readers (this comes from the paper itself rather than the slightly different online version):
Jailed, Asian sex gang who preyed on schoolgirls as young as twelve
A gang of Asian "sexual predators" were jailed yesterday for abusing white girls as young as 12.

Alleged "journalist" Paul Sims and whichever sub wrote the headline both think the most important facts in this story are the skin colours of the people involved. Never mind that this is a horrendous story of terrible people doing awful things to innocent children, the Mail has a racial angle to push so lets bring out the dog whistle and put away any notion of decency.

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NLondonmeme said...

Ah yes, if only they were white. It would have been ok.