Monday, 18 October 2010

Mail condemns hospital for taking Mail's advice

Back in August I took a look at a Mail article that attacked the NHS for spending lots of money on sterile surgical screws instead of picking up them up at B&Q for 20p a pop. At the end I pondered what the Mail's reaction would be if it discovered that a hospital was carrying out operations using equipment purchased on the cheap at an out-of-town retail park.

Today we find out:

Burns victim's amazement after NHS hospital staff wrap his blistered hand in a TESCO freezer bag
A burns victim was left stunned after NHS staff wrapped his blistered hand in a Tesco freezer bag. Nicholas Robertson, 38, was treated for the injury - then medical staff needed to wrap his hand in a protective and sterilised plastic bag. But he was amazed to see the word Tesco stamped across the bag.

It appears that someone at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board thought the Mail's procurement advice was actually pretty sensible, which of course prompts outrage from the, er, Daily Mail. And, perhaps more justifiably, from the burn victim himself*:

"Is this what the NHS has come to? I know there are Government cuts - but wrapping patients in Tesco freezer bags is not acceptable."
Protecting a properly treated burn with a plastic bag bought at Tesco and sterilised at the hospital = unacceptable. Using B&Q screws to bolt someone's hip back together = common sense.

The Mail must be a very confusing place to work sometimes...

*My sympathy for the victim was diminished slightly when I discovered that he had burned himself after "accidentally spilling lighter fluid on his hand close to a naked flame". Oh dear.


Press Not Sorry said...

It was only a matter of time... Brilliant post. :)

Marissa Jane said...

Perhaps it was a quality issue?
I'm sure it would have been ok if the bags were Marks & Spencer or Waitross.