Friday, 24 September 2010

Jan Moir, crusader for equality

Reading the work of Daily Mail columnists is dangerous work, especially while drinking hot coffee. While flicking through Jan Moir's latest missive on the train this morning I fired a a steaming jet of Starbucks out of my nose when she criticised assorted MPs for fostering inequality.

Commenting on the unseemly slanging match that kicked off between Angela Eagle and Nadine Dorries on Wednesday's Newsnight (they were supposed to be debating women's rights), Moir sarcastically says:
"Well done all round girls. Together we are really moving forward on the equality agenda."
You read correctly. That's Jan Moir - the "journalist" who holds the proud record of penning the single most-complained about column in the history of British newspapers - complaining about other people not doing enough to foster a culture of equality in this country.

What a strange and troubling thing for her to say. It must have been anything but natural for her to write it...

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