Monday, 27 September 2010

Daily Mail gets its priorities right

Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition has a new leader! Exciting times for wonks and wonkettes everywhere - will Ed M take Labour back to the Left? Will his elder brother want to stick around and work with him? Will he be beholden to to the unions?

All complex questions. Fortunately, you can rely on the Daily Mail to highlight the really important facts:
Ed Miliband becomes first British political leader of a major party to be living with his family out of wedlock
It's also worth remembering that, as Sunder Katwala pointed out in spectacular style last year, the Daily Mail thinks you're not really British if you're the child - or even grandchild - of immigrants. The paper wasn't shy about asking "Is there ANYTHING British about Nick Clegg?" back when they thought the Lib-Dems were a BAD THING. The DPM's mother is Dutch, but his dad (who is half Russian) was born and bred in Buckinghamshire; what on earth will Dacre's mob make of a Labour leader whose dad was born in Belgium (and entered Britain illegally!) and whose mother is Polish?

Honestly, those foreigners. They come over here and steal our political parties...

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