Monday, 23 August 2010

Dubya diaries due on 9/11 (sort of)

It's taken Tony Blair more than three years since retiring to get his autobiography out, but George W Bush has been much quicker off the mark. Decision Points will be published later this year, just over 18 months after he left the White House. Presumably the lack of words containing more than three syllables - which are far too elitist for a down-at-home Texas boy like the Connecticut-born and Yale-educated Dubya - made the proofreaders' work much quicker.

Anyhow, the book is due to be published worldwide on
9 November. Or, as they'd call it in pretty much every country outside North America, 9/11/10. 9/11? He's publishing his book on 9/11?

I'd say it was a cunning attempt to link it to the defining moment of his presidency, but nothing about his eight years in power paints a picture of a man possessed of great cunning and understanding of the finer points of life in foreign countries...

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