Monday, 24 January 2011

If the facts don't fit, ignore them

Despite being one of its best sources of online traffic, the Mail really doesn't like Facebook very much. Any story with even a hint of the social networking site's involvement sees Facebook's role blown out of all proportion - it has recently been blamed for everything from murder to paedophilia.

However, it seems the OTT publicity for Facebook is a one-way street. Several of today's papers report on developments in the case of Ann Pettway, who is accused of kidnapping a baby two deacades ago and raising the child as her own. Here's what the Mirror has to say:

News outlets from around the world report that Pettway first made contact with the police via Facebook. Some, like the Mirror, overplay it a little. Many others mention it in passing. The Mail, however, makes no mention of Facebook whatsoever. I wonder why that is.

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