Friday, 7 January 2011

Girl with a pearl earring (because the dog still hasn't eaten it)

Today's Metro brings us this great news of worldwide importance:

Blurgh. I can't imagine how much more of this kind of thing we're going to have to put up with between now and the end of April, but if editors want to put it in their papers that's up to them - although as the entire piece is based around speculation from a magazine editor rather than an actual source you have to question its news value.

However, the thing I have an issue with appears in the final three sentences:

"On Sunday, she will be hoping for better luck with her gifts. Last year, her pet cocker spaniel Otto ate a pair of pearl earrings given to her by Prince William. The antiques were recovered only when nature took its course."

But, as TabloidWatch pointed out when the Mail on Sunday first ran this "story" (on page one, no less), it's a load of crap (forgive the pun) as Kate Middleton doesn't have a pet dog.

Still, it's in the Associated Newspapers cuttings file so it must be true, right?

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