Monday, 1 November 2010

A prediction

Time for a spot of Minority Report-style future tabloid-watching. Having consulted with a rather soggy Samantha Morton, I present the following prediction:

Tomorrow (Tuesday 2 November 2010)* at least one tabloid newspaper will use at least one of the phrases on Trans Media Watch's "pointlessly offensive" list while reporting on the case of Nina Kanagasingham, the trans woman who has been remanded in custody (in an all-male prison) having been charged with the the murder of another trans woman, Sonia Burgess.

Just to remind you all, here's that list of "derogatory, inappropriate or offensive terminology" to avoid:
  • Sex Change
  • Tranny
  • She Male
  • He/She
  • Gender Bender
  • Hermaphrodite
  • Sex Swap
  • Pre-Op
  • It
  • Any ‘comedy’ reference to genitalia
Can the tabloids resist? I doubt it, especially seeing as how even the Press Association and the Guardian are already banging on about the fact that the suspect had a stubbly face after a week in police custody. Cos in every other report about murder cases they ALWAYS mention whether the suspect has had a shave recently...

*Note that this also applies to Wednesday in the cases of the Express and Star, who are generally day late with the news because they copy it out of the previous day's other papers.

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