Monday, 18 October 2010

"Cynically cashing in"

The Express is outraged at talk of a Kiera Knightley/ Helen Mirren film about the early years of Princess Diana's life, said to bein the early stages of production.

"A FILM depicting the life and death of Princess Diana was accused last night of cynically 'cashing in' on her memory. Critics claimed the movie was 'extremely inappropriate' and could tarnish how people remember her."
And who is so outraged by the content of this film that has not yet been made? Her family? Her friends? Or a random member of the public with a slightly creepy Diana obsession?
Margaret Funnell, co-founder of the Diana Circle UK, a group dedicated to the Princess’s memory, said: “I don’t think anyone should make money out of the death of another person – and certainly not Diana. “We don’t need a glorified blockbuster about her life where all the facts are twisted and blown out of proportion. “It could tarnish her memory. I hope there is enough opposition to stop it.”
There's a certain irony in the Diana Circle campaigning against a film telling their idol's story, given that they think the "People's Princess" is being "airbrushed out of history" and have pledged to do all they can to keep her memory alive.

But before they take on a film that hasn't even made it out of pre-production, perhaps they, and the Daily Express, should turn their focus on a journal of ill-repute that seems determined to shift copies off the back of Diana's name with headlines such as:
"Princess Diana tells psychic her death was a well-planned accident"

"Diana was murdered says QC as he tells of unanswered questions"

"Princess Diana: The 500 hidden clues"

"Diana was killed over plan to expose UK arms dealers"

"Teacher at Princess Diana's old school in porn case"

"Diana's doctor love to marry colleague"

"Diana: New Sensation"

"Exclusive: Diana - why it was a murder plot"

And many, many, many more... Anyone want to guess which paper they come from?

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