Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Indisputable evidence of gayness

Today's Telegraph covers the Guido-powered rumour that William Hague is secretly gay and is having an affair with his special adviser. What evidence does journalist Martin Beckford - he of "Pope has Catholic views" fame - have to back up this allegation?

"Rumours about their closeness had been swirling around Westminster and the internet after photographs were published showing Mr Hague and Mr Myers walking and laughing together, dressed casually and wearing sunglasses."
Well. That proves it then.

UPDATE: The spad in question has now quit, citing the unbearable pressure the groundless speculation was having on his family. Hague himself has released an absolutely heartbreaking statement in which he reveals that he and his wife would dearly love to start a family but keep suffering miscarriages. I do hope the scumbags who suggested his lack of kids was evidence of a sham marriage feel proud of themselves. Tomorrow's papers will go to town on this and every single one, including the Telegraph, will point the finger of blame at "bloggers". I'm willing to bet that the Telegraph will not hold its hands up and admit contributing to the shitstorm in today's paper.

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